FDA Category I (safe and effective) skin protectant


Reduces irritation, protects the skin against environmental and mechanical stresses

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Allantoin is a multi-functional skin care ingredient which:

  • Increases moisture retention

Skin is particularly sensitive to life’s daily stress factors, which may result in skin dryness and tightness. By increasing the capacity of corneocytes to bind water, Allantoin reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and improves its moisture retention, providing a smoothing effect to the skin.

  • Softens the skin

Allantoin exfoliates dry and damaged cells and boosts the radiant appearance of the skin. Due to its keratolytic activity, it removes corneocytes by loosening the intercellular kit or the desmosomes (protein bridges) that maintain the adhesion of corneocytes to each other. Thus the surface of the skin is smoother, softer and becomes more supple.

  • Prevents skin irritation

Allantoin has been demonstrated as an anti-irritant. When Allantoin is added to rinse-off products (shower gels, shampoos, wash lotions or shaving creams) it protects the skin by minimizing irritation caused e.g. by surfactants. It also helps avoid the feeling of tightness, and volunteers have experienced a better skin feeling after showering or washing. 

The use of Allantoin in antiperspirant products can help counter the irritation caused by some of the more aggressive actives.

  • Supports the natural regeneration of the skin

Allantoin aids to protect skin against environmental and mechanical stresses such as shaving by helping the skin to maintain its integrity.