Harnessing the power of upcycled freshwater microalgae polysaccharides for anti-ageing


Lifting, firming, tightening, reduces wrinkles & eye bags, moisturizing

INCI name: 

Maltodextrin (and) Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract


  • Algaktiv

ALGAKTIV® UpLift - Pure Arctic Wellness

Taking sustainability to a new level, ALGAKTIV® UpLift is the next generation of green ingredients for skincare from ALGAKTIV®. Sourced from Iceland 'The Land of Fire and Ice' - known for its volcanic and glacial terrain - the algae Haematococcus Pluvialis has learned to thrive in this volatile climate.

Astaxanthin, a powerful red antioxidant, is accumulated in high levels in the cell walls of Haematococcus Pluvialis as a result of stress exposure. Using renewable bio-technology, Haematococcus Pluvialis is grown using glacial water and 100% geothermal energy to produce the purest nutraceutical astaxanthin. All leftover oil-depleted microalgae is then upcycled, leaving Iceland’s unique ecosystem entirely untouched.

In addition to capturing the essence of Iceland in a truly sustainable way, this potent active ingredient is proven to deliver outstanding firming, tightening and lifting action by restoring & restructuring the skin from within.

  • Boost skin elasticity
  • Restore skin firmness
  • Diminish wrinkles
  • Deeply moisturize skin
  • Reduce eye bags
  • Significantly improve the appearance of stretch-marks (in-vivo)
  • Alleviate dry skin and itching

ALGAKTIV® UpLift is supplied as a water-soluble powder that is easy to formulate, is heat stable and has wide pH tolerance. It is COSMOS approved, globally compliant, vegan, preservative-free, non-GMO and China Listed.

Please note: ALGAKTIV® BodySKN has been recently rebranded to ALGAKTIV® UpLift to support new product positioning including new facial data. It is available in a new 10x concentrated format.