Light-powered microalgae extract to combat digital and photoaging.


Anti-aging, Skin firming, Anti-wrinkle, & Cellular repair.

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  • Algaktiv

Blue light exposure from solar radiation and modern communication devices such as tablets and smart phones increases DNA damage by formation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPD) leading to photo and digital ageing of the skin. Algaktiv® GenoFix Day harnesses the protective power of naturally occurring light-activated enzymes (photolyase) to provide rapid repair of this DNA damage. Microalgae have survived extreme solar stress on Earth for millions of years thanks to this remarkably efficient light-activated protective enzyme system.

Algaktiv®Genofix Day also contains Phycocyanin, a blue pigment that acts as a potent anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger. Phycocyanin acts in synergy with the photolyase enzyme to further increase the protective power of Algaktiv® GenoFix Day.


  • Utilises unique enzymes activated by blue light exposure - including exposure from smartphones - to power up cellular repair. It is able to repair nearly the 50% of CPDs present in DNA damaged with 500J/m2 of UVB after 3 hours of photorepair at 2% concentration. 
  • Combats digital and photo-ageing, reducing wrinkle depth by >15% in only 10 days and more than 20% in 4 weeks
  • Delivers blue light powered holistic cellular protection, improving firmness by >9% in 28 days
  • Boosts skin radiance by preventing digital and photo ageing
  • Corrects age spots by shielding melanocytes with its photoactivated enzymes
  • Prevents oxidative damage

Tested level: 1 - 2%

Grade Description INCI name Also contains
ALGAKTIV® GenoFix Day Liquid grade Aqua (Water) & Plankton Extract & Lecithin Phenoxyethanol
ALGAKTIV® GenoFix Day (Powder) COSMOS Certified powder grade. Sucrose (and) Plankton Extract (and) Lecithin