Microalgae enzymes for repair of UV damaged skin


Anti-ageing and sun protection

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  • Algaktiv

Recommended for anti-ageing skin care and sun protection products, ALGAKTIV® GenoFix CPD  is a microalgae extract containing a high concentration of carefully selected enzymes that help to repair DNA damage caused by UV radiation. 

ALGAKTIV® GenoFix CPD repairs the UV-damaged DNA by actively cleaving cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CDP) bonds - the most common skin DNA damage. This repair mechanism is faster than the normal repair mechanism found in humans.

ALGAKTIV® GenoFix CPD also delivers anti-ageing benefits; the DNA repair and protection enzymes (photolyase CPD and phycobiliproteins) are encapsulated in a liposome for extended stability and sustained anti-aging impact.
In-vitro studies demonstrate that ALGAKTIV® GenoFix CPD is able to reduce inflammation and help to prevent wrinkle formation. 

A powdered version of ALGAKTIV® GenoFix CPD (without preservative) is also available and is acceptead by Ecocert.

Grade Description INCI name
Algaktiv® GenoFix CPD Translucent blue liquid Aqua (water) & Plankton Extract & Lecithin, Phenoxyethanol
Algaktiv® GenoFix CPD (Powder) Blue/Grey powder Sucrose (and) Plankton Extract (and) Lecithin