ACB Cationic Glycoprotein PF


Facilitates self-tanning prior to DHA application, enables you to reduce your DHA, moisturizing, anti-chlorine damage to hair

INCI name: 

Lactobacillus/Eriodictyon Californicum Ferment Extract & Phospholipids

Also contains: 

Leuconostoc / Radish Root Ferment Filtrate


  • Active Concepts

ACB Cationic Glycoprotein PF is derived from the Eriodictyon californicum (the Yerba Santa plant). This aromatic evergreen shrub is able to capture and hold vast amounts of moisture within its resinous leaves, which allows it to withstand its native arid environment. Active Concepts discovered that fermenting the Yerba Santa leaves with Lactobacillus, or lactic acid bacteria, allows for more efficient isolation of important glycoproteins, as there is no need for heat or solvents.

ACB Cationic Glycoprotein PF is intended to act as a tanning accelerator that may be used to increase the rate of tan development while also increasing the level of tan for a deeper, more even tan. Studies reveal that ACB Cationic Glycoprotein PF - in conjunction with DHA - produces a much more visible tanning effect after 1 hour than a DHA solution by itself. This combination is also proven to deliver maximum tanning effects after 9 hours; THIRTEEN hours quicker than DHA on its own.


- Moisturizing
- Facilitates self-tanning prior to DHA application
- Enhances tanning performance when used in conjuction with DHA 
- Anti-chlorine damage to hair