AC Water Kefir PHA


Gentle alternative to AHA and BHA


Promotes collagen synthesis, buffs away tired skin with a gentle approach

INCI name: 

Water & Opuntia Ficus-Indica Fruit Extract & Lactobacillus Ferment


  • Active Concepts

Reveal the beauty lying underneath. As a polyhydroxy acid, AC Water Kefir PHA enhances natural skin beauty and promotes collagen synthesis for a revitalized aesthetic. PHA incorporation into skin care inspires inclusive personalization for sensitive or reactive skin types. AC Water Kefir PHA offers standardized gluconic acid to buff away tired skin with a gentle approach. The selective use of water kefir grains encourages vegan, botanical derivatives suitable for addressing concerns of the modern consumer. Ideal for serums, toners, masks, or lotions, AC Water Kefir PHA allows brands to capture eco-conscious beauty without compromise. 

PHAs are the solution to effective exfoliation without the associated irritation that can come with AHAs or BHAs. In vitro dermal and ocular irritation studies were conducted to evaluate whether AC Water Kefir PHA would induce dermal irritation in the EpiDerm™ model assays. The EpiDerm™ assay has accuracy for the prediction of UN GHS R38 skin irritating and no-label (non-skin irritating) test substances. As shown in Figure 4, AC Water Kefir PHA was considered to be non-irritating.