AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF


Probiotic Yogurt Ferment (Vegan)


Redness reduction, skin rebalancing, probiotic action, soothing scalp care

INCI name: 

Aqua & Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract & Lactobacillus Ferment


  • Active Concepts

AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF (Active Concepts) is a sustainably manufactured coconut yogurt created by fermenting coconut milk with the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus. The yogurt proteins are then hydrolysed to create AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF

AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF does not contain live bacteria, but as it is produced through the fermentation of probiotic bacteria, it can be described as having a probiotic action on the skin. Probiotics are of growing interest to the personal care industry as a natural mechanism to help the skin restore its own beneficial bacteria. AC Vegan Yogurt Hydrolysate SF utilises probiotic technology to improve the complexion of the skin and scalp by reducing skin redness, as demonstrated by in-vivo clinical studies using the VISIA Complexion Analysis System (Canfield Scientific).


  • Capitalises on the rising trend of veganism in the cosmetic and personal care industry
  • Skin moisturising and signifcantly reduces skin redness
  • Perfect for scalp care & anti-dandruff formulations (scalp care assay available)
  • Probiotic action

Recommended use level: 1% to 10%