Vitazyme® A Plus

Vitazyme® A Plus


Nourising your skin with Vitamins.


Water dispersible delivery of Vitamin A

INCI name: 

Retinyl Palmite and Carrot Polypeptide


  • Lonza

Vitazyme® A Plus is a retinyl palmitate/carrot protein/beta-carotene complex, which, in contrast to all commercially available forms of vitamin A, delivers the vitamin as a water-dispersible substance. This property promotes absorption and rapid utilization, particularly upon topical application. The protein part of the complex increases substantivity and reduces or eliminates completely the well-known toxicity of the fat-soluble vitamins that tend to accumulate in the adipose tissues of the body.

Vitazyme® A Plus is a conjugate in which the vitamin is complexed with low-molecular weight plant proteins or polypeptides, and is associated with naturally occurring carotenoids (mainly beta carotene), lipoproteins, essential fatty acids, and carbohydrates. Due to this unique association, the vitamin becomes water dispersible, similar to the form in which it occurs in carrot juice. The solubility and protein complexation are of prime importance for the utilization of the vitamin: absorption is greatly increased, infi ltration into the dermal structures is facilitated, and toxicity or irritation potential is almost completely eliminated.

Product benefits:

  • Beneficial cell proliferation
  • Moisturisation
  • Non irritant


Recommended use level 0.6-1.5%

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