Lonzaserve™ PC

Lonzaserve™ PC


Broad spectrum, synergistic preservative


Effective against formaldehyde and isothiazolinone resistant organisms.

INCI name: 

DMDM Hydantoin & Methyl chloroisothiazolinone & Methylisothiazolinone


  • Lonza

Lonzaserve™ PC has a highly stable, patented formulation with dual broad spectrum activity for maximum preservation against resistant organisms. It is a colorless, liquid preservative, it has a very safe toxicology profile and is compatible and soluble in virtually all personal care raw materials.


FormulaProtect™ is a new interactive, online application developed by Lonza that allows formulators to save time and easily identify preservatives that best suit their specific needs. By simply selecting specific formulation criteria such as pH, required spectrum, formulation type, regulatory and organizational approvals, amongst other criteria, the user will be presented with a selection of recommended preservative options along with detailed information on each of them.

This tool will help provide guidance for the preservatives that meet formulator’s marketing needs and that provide the efficacy required throughout the lifetime of the cosmetic product.

You can visit the tool through your web browser by going to the Lonza FormulaProtect™ website.

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