GCA Surface Treated Pigments


Natural hydrophobic surface treated pigments


Temporary hair colouring and long lasting performance for make up

INCI name: 

CI (and) Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (and) Cystine (and) Lauroyl Arginine


  • Sensient

Unipure LC® GCA is a range of natural hydrophobic Triple Amino Acid surface treated pigments. They  have superior affinity to skin and gives a very soft feeling. 


The GCA range can also be used instead of dyes for semi-permanent hair colouring and the surface treatment makes them very easy to disperse - no milling is required.


Unipure Triple Black LC 990 GCA imparts a deep black, long lasting colour in mascara and eyeliner formulations. In association with Covacryl  film forming agents, additional benefits can be obtained: long lasting, volume, gloss, water resistance.



Unipure Triple Black LC 990 GCA
Unipure Yellow LC 182 GCA
Unipure Red LC 381 GCA
Unipure White LC 987 GCA