Blueberry Scrub

Blueberry Scrub


Blueberry Exfoliant


Sustainable, natural and biodegradable alternative to polyethylene beads.

INCI name: 

Vaccinium Corymbosum Seed


  • Gova

Vaccinium corymbosum is a low spreading deciduous shrub growing to 60 cm tall, though usually 35 cm tall or less. The fruit is a small sweet dark blue to black berry. This plant grows best in wooded or open areas with well-drained acidic soils. In some areas it produces natural blueberry barrens, where it is practically the only species covering large areas.

The sustainable process means there is little to no wastage as the blueberry pomace which is the residue from pressing the blueberries for juice production is used to make GosulinĀ® Buo (Blueberry oil) and the Blueberry scrub.

Grade Description
BlueberryScrub800-1000Micro Particle size 800-1000 microns
BlueberryScrub500-800Micro Particle size 500-800 microns
BlueberryScrub250-500Micro Particle size 250-500 microns
BlueberryScrub100-250Micro Particle size 100-250 microns

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